You may have many websites and apps to help you to take care of your body’s health. But I’m sure you could not find an app like Plant Nanny². Water is an indispensable need of the human body. We humans have a lot of water within us. There is more than 60% of water in a human’s physical structure. It helps us to live and stay awake. Most of the body necessitates water absorption done by drinking it directly. Drinking water is a must, but we have a problem – we’re too busy to remind ourselves to drink. Consumes enough water is important, and a vital need for our health. We have to stay hydrated to lead a healthy life. 

Plant Nanny² is an app that is helpful for you to drink adequate water and at the appropriate time intervals. It has many interesting ways to keep you being motivated. In this app, there are many cute plants, and they will grow (level up) depends on how many times and how much water you intake.  After one grown-up plant, you can choose to cultivate a new plant as well. Each plant has a different type of action and expression, so you never get bored.

Plant Nanny² is free to install with an In-app purchase option, there you could buy additional featured plants or cute pots.  These really boost my interest to drink water more and often. After usage of this app, you will come to know that you could meet your water consumption objective in a fun, easy way. 

Plant Nanny² has many ways to keeps you healthy. It tracks your water consumption details, holds a record in an easily understandable chart. So, you can get review yourself by your data and make changes in upcoming schedules. You can make a new plan and define your water level in each glass. This app has attractive fun-filled tasks which help you to stay motivated all the time. It has a user-friendly display to access the whole app without any fluctuation. 

Can you imagine this? All these benefits from one app and that is available for free. 

Briefly, Plant Nanny² is a water reminder app that motivates people to stay hydrated with adorable plants. It was awarded the best app of 2019 on Google Play in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, Italy, and Spain. It’s developed by Fourdesire, a Taiwan-based mobile app studio. 

It is available on the App Store, under the Health & Fitness category.

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