planetlander_logoYou have been looking for the best app in the internet that will work simply on you, worry less as Planet lander iPhone app is here to take you from one wonder to the other. It is simple to use; have your iPad or iPhone, download and start to use the app. Take the control as you get hold of the space Lander module. A lander is a spacecraft which moves downwards resting on the surface of the astronomical body. Once you are on the control discover the strange planets that have varied gravity, use your unique space landers that delivers you on your module. This is an action thrilling experience as you play the game, touch on the bottom of your screen so as to initiate the thrusters. It is wise to be careful not to crash your space landers, to ensure that you do not do that counter check your gravity so as not to land with a higher speed and be on the right control on the fuel tank.

With the game you are presented with five space landers so as to gauge your piloting skills and see how good you can drive the space lander without crashing it. With the five spacecrafts you have sixty levels to try your luck in piloting. What is interesting is that you get the experience like an astronaut coming from NASA and lands on the moon. The planet you discover have different features; gravity, hazards and more so challenging. Go on passing to the new level by collecting the bonuses to keep you in the game and get to arrive at your target level by the use of your time. Planet lander is the only game that gives that love and need to play and play.

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To enjoy Planet lander, here are some of the fascinating features that are worth mentioning:

  1. 60 levels

The game is more enjoyable for the reason that you have sixty levels to conquer each planet and emerge the winner. As you take on the first level to the sixty one you get to learn the tricks and ideas of the game. Each level should be treated with its own seriousness. The experience you get from one levels gives you the techniques of playing and winning the game.

  1. 3 planets

From the name of the game, you come to know about the Planets. The game has three planets that you need to explore using the sixty levels. The planets are not the same; have different and varied levels of gravity. The gravity is used to test your piloting skills. If you are able to conquer and discover the three planets without any problem then you are on the best part.

  1. 5 Space Modules

You are presented with five space modules where you can land. Once you have discovered the planet you are at will to land on the five space modules.

  1. Collect Gems

To make the game enjoyable, you pick as much gem and the stars so as to move to the next level. It is wise to have a plan on how you can collect as many gems as possible so as to advance to the next levels.

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