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Say goodbye to messy spreadsheets and complicated financials! DayBook App is the perfect solution for managing your business finances. Keep track of your expenses and product stocks in real-time across multiple branches, stay organized with our user-friendly platform, and never worry about mismanaging your finances again. Get started today and take control of your business’s financials with DayBook App!

  • Get your bookkeeping sorted quickly and easily with Daybook Management App.
  • Store all your company info in one place with a user-friendly platform and secure data storage! It’s so easy to keep track of everything.
  • Get your bookkeeping up to date with our super easy-to-use app that only takes one page!
  • Easily keep track of products, sales and expenses regularly without having to worry about time.
  • Keeping track of daily expenses and sales for the main branch is easy with regular updates.
  • Going paperless is a great way to avoid any mistakes or duplications and make sure everything runs smoothly.
  • Get an overview of your daily schedule

List of Features

Starting a business? Get your own set of books up and running. Keep track of your finances and manage them properly.

  • Branch management is all about setting up branch accounts by location, providing credentials to the people in charge, moving products from main branches to sub-branches, and tracking sales and expenses.
  • Product Management: Keeping track of the new products, pricing information, quantity, and transfer records is all part of this. You can add new items, view what you have in stock, and even record transfers.
  • Stock Management: Stay on top of your inventory and know exactly where your stocks are located.
  • Every day, you gotta track and report your sales and expenses to the main HQ. This applies to both the main office and any other branches.
  • Get the day book approved by the owner for any branch.
  • Data security and backup are taken care of, with their top-notch cloud data systems. So you don’t have to stress about your data being backed up as that’s already sorted for you.

Take Away

Daybook Management App has been a game-changer for my business. It’s so easy to use and helps me keep track of all my tasks and projects. I’m able to stay organized and on top of everything, no matter how busy things get. It’s also helped me maximize my efficiency and profitability, so I highly recommend it!