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Decline of Android Wear Watch Sales


If you have been living under a rock, Android Wear started off with their smart watches in the mid 2014. Motorola and LG were the models that were intially released into the market. On the other side of the dice, Samsung decided to swoop in at Google just like any other Android smart phones are used to. But then again, it is just Samsung, so these smart watches are not solely a Google based device. Apart from Google, brands like Fossil are endeavored into the mix as well. Causes for its failure – Pretty much every fanatic and potential buyers…

Facebook Offers Free Internet in India


Facebook Joins to offer free internet in india The internet has greatly changed the world and our way of living, Facebook on its part has revolutionized Social media. Now imagine these two services being brought free to people around the world by This is an organization at the forefront of providing free mobile internet to countries in Africa, South America and India. Yeah you can get free internet and to access facebook is free. Already in major parts of Africa where facebook access is free, it has changed tremendously not only how people socialise with each other but…