Casino apps have grown in popularity in recent years. Many players have taken to mobile gaming in a big way and the use of casino apps has helped this growth to take place. There are a number of reasons why this has happened and why casino apps are now a big part of mainstream mobile gaming.

We’re going to take a quick look at the reasons why casino apps have become so popular in recent times and then cover the top casino apps that Indian players have available to them. So, if you’re a big fan of mobile casino gaming, read on to discover everything that you need to know.

The Growth of Mobile Casino Apps

Mobile casino apps have really become a big part of mobile gaming for players. This is because they give players the opportunity to enjoy almost the full online casino experience on a mobile device. While some older casino games aren’t able to be played on mobile devices due to the various technological limitations that are in place, the casino app sidesteps some of these issues.

This is because the app works as a specialised browser for the mobile device. This browser will only access the casino site and will give players the ability to use a selected number of the casino game. It will also, usually, give full access to the different features that the casino offers. This will include options such as deposits and withdrawals, promotions and hot new games that have been released.

With all of this on offer it’s to be expected that players enjoy using casino apps to play their games. Take a quick look at the best online casino apps that are available for players in India.

Pure Casino

This app offers Indian players a large number of different features. It allows players to gain access to over 80% of the roster of games that the casino has to offer. This is generally quite a large number of games to be able to play, making this a casino app that gives Indian players a lot of fun. As well as this there is also full access to the customer support options. These are massively important as if a player has an issue when they are playing on the go, the ability to get help from support is vital. Not all casino apps give players the ability to use the full support when on mobile apps, so it is a big positive.

There’s also the ability to use the welcome bonus with the Pure Casino app. This will make it easier for Indian players to increase their bankroll and put some gambling strategies in place. What is also very good to see is that a number of different payment methods can be used with the Pure Casino app. On the whole this is a really good app to use. It has great safety features in place and has been designed to offer a lot of functionality and a simple to use user interface.


As one of the most popular online casinos in the world, it was inevitable that Casumo would have a high class casino app available. Indian players can get a lot from the Casumo app. There’s a great selection of games available, which is obviously one of the biggest draws for an online casino app. There are actually more than 2,000 different titles available to play. On top of this it also has one of the best designed interfaces on the market. You can easily get access to all of the relevant pages you might need, making it a simple task to load up whatever game you fancy.

It also has almost complete access to what Casumo has to offer. This ensures that players don’t have to worry about missing out when using the app as opposed to the desktop site. Indian mobile players can get the full Casumo experience through the app. It provides one of the very best casino on the go experiences. This means that for Indian players, it is well worth downloading this app if you want to play mobile casino.


Possibly the biggest name within the Indian market. Matching up to this LeoVegas has created a fantastic mobile casino app. It is truly on a par with the desktop website. This means that you get almost full access to what desktop players can expect. For mobile players who are worried about missing out this is a huge positive. Whether you want to use the support, make deposits or withdrawals, play a massive selection of casino games or see what promotions are available, the LeoVegas app makes it very easy to do so.

What’s also fantastic about the LeoVegas app is that players can also use both the casino and sportsbook through it. This means players who want to play at either aspect have full access with the app. This is great for Indian players who like a bit of variety in their lives. It is also extremely easy to use, so no matter what you want to do it’s not a problem with the LeoVegas app.


It’s difficult to choose which online casino app is best for you. These are just some of the very best apps out there, each one has positives that the others don’t. So if you want to look into which app is best for you, just have an in depth look at each app offers and discover whether it has what you need.