Living healthy is one the most important goals for humans around the world today. It is always advisable to check on the meal to take on a daily basis. Therefore, dieticians make nutrition plan, which suits those individual having weight loss problems. For this case, the development of the calorie counter fitness tracker app is established which caters and productively tracks the amount of calories lost in an exercise, physical activity and workouts carried out by those individuals. In addition, these activities help one to find out the amount of calories lost or burn on the body in a day. The TryAround app is designed help all age groups with weight loss issue and in a way, it is able to employ scientific research based on metabolic equivalent to check the amounts and value of calories.

Features distinguishing the App

a) Data representation
The app simply records all analysis since one starts works in a more clear and understandable way. There are graphs, bar charts that enable the user to make tracks while doing exercise thereby checking the changes he/she has made from the start. Also, the app analyzes your body weight loss thus enabling one to alter the diet in order to stay fit.

b) Charged at a fee
The app was released on August 24, 2017, at is charged at 6.99 dollars. Furthermore, the after downloading will cost money and take a size of 30.9 MB on your iPhone.

c) Compatibility of the App
The TryAround App is only compatible with iPod touch and iPhone phone, therefore; it means one can only download the app if he/she has the two type of phones. Moreover, if you have this two phone it quickly downloads faster in a matter of minutes (2minutes).

d) Contains a reminder
The app is useful to body weight loss because one can set a reminder where he/she check the
calories they have lost in a given period. Furthermore, the reminder can make the user improve his/her workouts, exercise, and the physical activities at an appropriate time.

Pros : The apps enable one to calculate his or her valued calories lost and a given physical activity.
Also, it can set someone’s workout plan, therefore, enable you to be objective and thus manage your weight loss goal. Since it has a timer and reminder, one can adjust and know how much calories they would wish to burn or cut within a given time. Finally, the app brings with it data which read the well to complete.

Cons: Since the app is compatible with only iPod and iPhones, it discriminates another user who would want to use it, but they have other devices. Additionally, the app comes at a charged fee of 6.99 dollars, which may be unaffordable to other users.

Conclusion I would advise people having weight loss problems, or they are diabetic to download the app since it has several advantages that will help you to check your health status. The app is quite usually because it estimates your metabolisms equivalent level thus knowing a number of calories you may want to burn. Finally, I would tell people to always check on their health on a daily basis so that diseases may not affect your body and led to deaths.

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