Experience the Excitement of Math in a Whole New Way

‘Sum: Simple Math Puzzle’ is an engrossing and mentally stimulating game that will change the way you think about basic math.

Engaging Game Modes to Keep You Hooked

A simple yet intriguing premise lies at the heart of our game: a 33 grid randomly filled with 5 numbers. What is your task? Make as many correct calculations as you can before time runs out. We provide four stimulating game modes, each with its own distinct flavour of fun and intensity.

Classic: Race against the clock for 90 seconds, with each correct answer earning you extra time. But be cautious: an incorrect sum can cost you precious seconds!

Rush: Feel the rush of adrenaline as you attempt to make as many correct combinations as possible in 90 seconds. It’s a frantic race in which every second counts.

Infinity: Need to relax or hone your skills at your own pace? Infinity mode provides a relaxed, untimed experience that is ideal for honing your skills.

Epic: If you’re looking for an exciting challenge, Epic mode gives you a set amount of money right away. Your mission is to find the numbers in the grid that add up to the sum while staying within the time constraints.

Challenge Yourself and Unleash Your Math Skills

Master the rules of the game – select the sum first, then pick the two numbers that add up to it. A correct combination looks like 20 = 8 + 12 or 20 = 12 + 8, not the other way around! As you ace each level, you’ll earn bonus time to help you reach even greater heights. There are plenty of opportunities to earn bonus points, especially in Classic mode.

Features That Enhance Your Gameplay Experience

‘Sum: Simple Math Puzzle’ also offers various levels of difficulty to keep the challenge fresh, the chance to compete with friends, offline mode for uninterrupted play, a sleek and visually pleasing user interface, compact size, and detailed statistics to track your progress and improve your performance.

Unlock Your Brain’s Potential with Fun and Learning

Math is more than just numbers; it is also about logic, speed, and enjoyment! All of these elements are combined in ‘Sum: Simple Math Puzzle,’ a highly addictive game that will not only entertain but also help improve your mental agility. It’s not just for entertainment; it’s also a brain training exercise that has been scientifically shown to promote faster thinking and response.

Challenge Yourself, Play, and Grow!

Take note: The enjoyment, challenge, and benefits are all genuine. ‘Sum: Simple Math Puzzle’ is the most fascinating math-based puzzle game on the App Store, so download it today. Enjoy!


Sum - Simple Math Puzzle: Test Your Mental Agility with Captivating Math Challenges