Math Panda LogoMath Panda is a free android app that helps parents to get some free time by giving lot of math puzzles and problems for their kids. Parents who need to do some chores can make children sit a place by giving this app. Children will be glued to this app as it contains lot of interesting problems to solve. The app is created by Arnaud Desombre. Math Panda is an exciting educational free game for K-12 students. Math panda will also entertain common man to math enthusiasts! Whether you need to learn basic addition/subtraction or to master multiplication of numbers or just want to sharp your math skills, Math Panda is for you. You can easily customize settings so that you can play at just the way you like. You can use Math Panda for various reasons from having fun to build & sharpen your skills.

In Classroom mode, you can learn/play basic math skills like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. A parent is aware that these are the basic building blocks of the math their child. Time by time, they can even change the level of complexity of the questions/problems & Math Panda just serves up. A Hippo face counts correct answers. While Pig face counts incorrect answers, and a Rabbit face displays time elapsed.

In Challenge mode, you need to solve as many problems as you can in just 2 minutes. This will unlock new rounds of Concentration games. “Memory or Pairs”, a Math Panda’s version of Concentration game that help you select two tiles where math problem fits its solution. Otherwise they close and you need try other tiles. Math Panda Concentration makes practicing math, so fun and addictive. Finally, you got a multiple choice game named “Comparator”. You can even have a challenge among your friends and see who gets the highest score!

You can customize the font in Math Panda app. Math Panda’s graphics engine works best by scaling on any device you throw at. You just want to see how the supporting character looks like in your mobile as well as your tablet.

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While most of the free games are just demos until certain level and then you need to buy additional game via in-app purchases, Math Panda is completely free and contains just one in-app purchase to turn the ads off. We highly recommend to do that as this app is going to stay on your device very long.

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