The latest news have stated that Microsoft has “partnered” with a Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi, to work together on the new Windows 10 ROM, which can run on Android smartphones. Xiaomi has stated that they haven’t agreed in a partnership but are only helping to test the new Windows. It has already been tested on the Xiaomi smartphone, and it’s working.

They presumably believe that Windows 10 build will be sold widely, because of its good features and advantages over Android. Windows older devices are known to run faster and smoother than old Android devices. So because the Windows can be applied on an Android phone, it can majorly improve functioning of an older device.The sources also say that the Microsoft’s new Windows can run Android applications, which has always been a problem with the usage of Windows phones. Even with all the positive predictions, there are still some skeptical questions about the new Microsoft’s project. One of them is that why would people want a Windows on their Android phone? If they wanted the Windows, they would buy an original Windows phone anyways. Next question is if the people are prepared to take risks and root and flash their device just to install the Windows on their Android phone to play with it or try it out.

Even if we include all the speculations, there is still no reliable way of saying if Microsoft’s new project will be a success, if it will push Android to the side or if it will be an unsuccessful project. Although we can say that the new Windows will give people the chance to experiment and give a unique way to explore the new platform, and offer new features, new technology to the ones hungry for it. So let’s wait and see if the project is a breakthrough which will cause widespread sales of the Windows or just a project which will not succeed.