Computer science is a growing business and seemingly has a bright future ahead.Statistics show that 70 percent of jobs across STEM fields are connected to computer science.There are lot of startup companies trying to make it, but only few of them succeed.The reason behind that is simple-those companies lack innovative and fresh ideas.They overlook the prospect of hiring interns and using their help in business.Supervisors think that hiring new interns might be waste of time,as they are less qualified and experienced than full time workers.but we should keep in mind that 60% of interns receive full time job offer after completing their internship.Most of them are students,studying in the field of computer science and are hungry for a future job there are a lot of students in this field,one must want to make sure he(she) hires the best and brightest of them for an internship But it may not be easy task as it seems.Here are few tips to ensure your company attracts talented computer science students.

Steps to attract smart and talented interns: should have connections with best computer science programs in colleges and universities,make sure you reach out to those schools,talk to their professors and attend their career fairs,this will make your brand more known among students and will raise the chance of recruiting smart young students.

2.make office environment comfortable and engaging for employees.most of students looking for internships don’t pay much attention to high salary-only 8 percent of students state that pay is the most important part of their internship experience,so improving your working environment will highly increase the chances of winning over interns interested in your offer.

3.offer a competitive salary,for most interns,money is very important,as they are taking first independent steps and start to provide for themselves,if your job salary is less than what other computer science companies offer,there’s a great chance of not having the best co-workers around.Of course,this doesn’t mean that you should spent big percentage of company’s budget on hiring new interns,but offering them a decent salary is essential.

4.Actually visit campuses and talk to students about your company and future plans,startup companies are less known to students and there’s big chance they just don’t know about your company,offer them interesting job prospects and show why your startup company will be perfect choice for them.send the best engineers to talk to students.You should be extremely careful with who you send,if they find your company’s lecture and presentation boring and repetitive,Students surely will never contact you.

So, as stated above,improving your internship program has a big effect on your company’s success and will bring a lot of benefits for your startup company. follow these advice and it’s guaranteed that more bright and talented interns will come to you looking for a job.