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Review: Hello – Caller ID & Blocking by Facebook


Sometime, you find your phone ringing with an unknown number. To some people, knowing who is calling is a priority, failure to which they won’t pick that call. Today, the Hello — Caller ID & Blocking app is all you need to know information the new number, and you may block any unwarranted calls. Besides, this new app helps users to search people and other places on Facebook. One of the greatest advantages of installing the Hello — Caller ID & Blocking on your Android device is the fact that it allows the user to communicate with others for freeby…

Chicken Boy for Android : Game Review


Chicken Boy produced by Funtomic games follows the story of an overweight superhero named “Chicken Boy” and his chick sidekicks. In the introduction of each world (which are each comprised of 15 levels each) Chicken Boy is running from multiple villains and the land breaks beneath him separating our hero from his precious chicks. This is the premise for the entire game, Chicken Boy now has to protect his chicks while being separated from them by a chasm. All our hero has to protect his chicks are various fruits and a bat. In the first world you are given a…

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