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Games are next big thing on Education


Gone are the days when study only meant taking a look at pages of black and white without necessarily learning anything concrete. Nowadays, the world has turned to the screen, be it phone screen, tablet screen or television screen. Kids would play outside for hours on end and it is now hard to tear them away from their gaming consoles or smart gadgets. In fact, it is said that about 40% of children in America alone play video games daily. The downside to commonplace video games is the fact that they do not necessarily learn anything and the time would…

Paintastic – draw,color,paint for Android : Review


Here is the scenario. You are traveling to your home town on a public transport. Suddenly your smart phone beeps. You friend has whatsapp-ed you regarding his promotion. What you do? You can call him. Or reply on WhatsApp with a beautiful message combined with some smiley. But nothing beats a personalized image, which your friend likes & keeps it forever. So you can retrieve a picture of both of you and scramble on that. But do you have a tool to do that? In your PC, you have a basic photo-editor in the way of Microsoft Paint. But in…

Power Clean for Android: Review


Power clean, a powerful tool with clean interface and weighs just under two megabytes, does wonders to your Android device. We are talking about a clean app that is, unlike its main competition app, very light weight. It does not takes up all your device’s resources for granted. It has a clean interface, and everything in organized into sub screens. Power Clean from Lionmobi is very easy to use. It is designed to help you remove junks left by apps on your device from your device storage. If you have not used any cleaner apps before, you will be amazed…

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